FAQs: Partnering with your organisation

What barriers exist in accessing the UK healthcare market for International Medical Device companies?

Whilst there is a clear need to introduce innovative new technologies and systems to enable hospitals to adapt, progress and manage their extra patient demand and improve services, there is, as yet, no easy route for international companies to access, demonstrate, test and discuss their products with UK clinician decision and policy makers. This is where Nisus Medical can help.

What does Nisus Medical offer in terms of product development?

The National Health Service is Internationally respected as a perfect environment to fully introduce, discuss, clinically test and develop emerging technologies. And in doing so, you can be assured that – in partnering with Nisus Medical – your products will receive the most dynamic, focused, cost-effective and powerful clinical data and user feedback to expedite further product development and move towards sales and marketing, if so required.

How do device manufacturers gain clinical acceptance for their medical products in the UK?

In our experience, unless a company understands the market fully, has a clear plan forward with the ability to approach the correct clinician (or end user and groups of decision makers) and knowing at what point at the most appropriate stage in product development to move forward, it is impossible for products to gain awareness and become accepted.

How does Nisus Medical work with you to achieve your goals?

As you would expect, the only way to succeed is when we understand you as a company and how you work, so any project we undertake is a joint partnership.

How does Nisus Medical assist you with UK regulatory compliance matters?

Whilst we ourselves are not experts in regulatory law, we do have strong working partnerships with organisations that can provide expert advice and precise information for development approval and patient evaluation, should your product not already be close to market readiness.

Do the services offered by Nisus Medical include clinical assessments and evaluations?

Where required, and appropriate, we will instigate and manage all aspects of product assessments and clinical evaluations.

What has Nisus Medical achieved for its business partners?

In previous projects the Nisus Medical team has successfully supported companies to take part in clinical trials, including passing ethics committees/IRBs submissions, partnering with lead investigators, assisting with study protocols, training the clinicians on our partners’ behalf and managing studies with product support, as well as providing manufacturers with regular reports from the trial sites.

How has Nisus Medical previously changed UK clinical practice?

Our work has directly resulted in national and international study presentations and publications which have, in turn, changed clinical practice in the UK and around the world.  We work in partnership with the healthcare establishments and clinicians so that you receive the very best feedback and reports based upon agreed aims.

How can UK Clinical acceptance positively affect your other markets?

Our work in the UK has helped international companies approach other key markets with the best strategies possible, including the United States, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Canada, China, India and Europe.