How can Nisus Medical help you?

Nisus Medical can help you navigate and plan the optimal strategy for your product and services. With our help, you can achieve your short-, mid- and long-term goals. Most importantly, we will discuss your products’ features and benefits in depth directly with the people who matter most: your target users and their patients.

Unequalled market access and expertise

Nisus Medical offers expedited UK healthcare market access and product assessment, the highest-quality defined user feedback, market strategy and planning, and a fast track to understanding your target customers along with their wants and needs.

Extensive UK market analysis

Here at Nisus Medical, we can produce the most comprehensive UK market analysis to help you identify your largest potential direct users and the associated clinical colleagues required for clinical market success. We also provide leading peer group information regionally and within the NHS and private sectors as a whole, all of which are key factors for strategic sales planning in the UK.

Superior UK healthcare market knowledge

Nisus Medical provides the very latest breakdown of current competitors and/or technologies and products, both in terms of clinical outcomes and economic factors within the budget streams identified for a particular product range. We can also assist in designing a mechanism whereby alternative funding streams or cost-rationalisation can be achieved. This helps to avoid or circumvent the barriers to clinical acceptance and purchasing situations that companies can find themselves in following a formal product launch.

Nisus Medical provides relevant data on direct and indirect market competition for your product, including locations and establishments of development, current strategies and all obtainable information regarding the potential threats and timescales to success and full market entry. Indeed, competitive timescales can be as important to your product launch as much as client feedback. Our sales strategies can maximise funding and minimise these threats, thereby boosting the success of your product.

Our new sales division was established to provide ongoing sales and marketing services following consultancy services, so you’re guaranteed our highest attention. Only through dedicated hard work and effective customer liaisons can the best position be achieved to provide future services and/or distribute your products in the UK and Ireland, if that is what you require.

See our consultancy FAQ’s

Nisus Medical is unique in what it can offer its clients. Each project we undertake is tailored to suit your product and aligned with your company’s aims. We are flexible and offer a variety of services, including the following:   

  • Introduction to the UK health market
    Confidentiality: you can be assured that we protect your information in the strictest confidence
  • UK visits to meet the most ideal clinicians and decision makers
  • Direct access to our key customers
  • Clear UK market assessment that’s tailored to include the information you need to suit your product and aims
  • Sales and marketing strategies designed to best promote your products, now and in the future Production of target customer clinical specific information via our vast database of UK clinical lead and decision maker contacts
  • UK regulatory process and legal guidance
  • Medical device procurement criteria
  • Market-specific technical and R&D advice Product training and support planning Clinical training packages
  • National and regional decision-maker focus groups, specific to your product and therapy area National clinical studies facilitation and management
  • National conference and clinical study day (organising, promotion and representation)
  • Clinical journal article publication, media coverage, PR and representation
  • Sales and distribution Import and logistics advice
  • Price optimisation Payer and key opinion leader strategy
  • Location of your ideal distribution partner and sales training UK employment advice and medical sales recruitment services
  • European and US strategies
  • Reports on NHS strategies, UK political and healthcare policy.