Nisus Medical: Your key to success in the UK healthcare market

Nisus Medical specialises in assisting international manufacturers to introduce their innovative medical devices into the United Kingdom. Our areas of expertise are oncology, haematology, immunology, diagnostics, anaesthesiology, critical care, orthopaedic, neonatal and paediatric healthcare.

At Nisus Medical, we pride ourselves on approaching the future of healthcare in a unique and ever-evolving manner – much the same as you, perhaps?

We most likely share your drive and passion for medical devices that improve (and help) patients and clinical staff alike. 

Nisus Medical was founded to offer flexible consultancy solutions with clarity and purpose for driven International companies, such as yours.

We know that some international companies would like to introduce their products into the United Kingdom and understand the market too; the routes to success are notoriously difficult to navigate and ever changing.

Achieving timely feedback and eventual acceptance from the best clinicians is paramount to long-term success – even if your product is ready for sales and marketing in other countries, European or otherwise.

We help companies, such as yours, who are searching for the most effective way to access the UK healthcare market and help you realise your goals effectively and efficiently.

It is our mission to provide the most straightforward, collaborative partnerships aligned to your aims and goals, and we pride ourselves in helping your medical device, product or service achieve its potential and long-term market status whilst maximising your corporate brand image to the UK market through our introductions.

We represent and promote each product as if it was designed and manufactured by Nisus; and we have a history in research and product design. We currently have several patents undergoing both development and market collaboration; we know the importance of your product to you. Furthermore, our recently defined sales division has been established in order to provide ongoing sales and marketing services following consultancy, so you can be guaranteed of our highest attention as through dedicated hard work and customer liaisons we will be in the best place to provide future services and/or distribute your products.




Following the provision of consultancy services, Nisus Medical is the UK official distribution partner for Paxxo AB – manufacturer of Pactosafe® and Longostand® hazardous waste solutions – a completely new way of managing environmental risks associated with waste created during chemotherapy preparation and administration.

Manufactured in Malmo, Sweden, Pactosafe® unique technology has been clinically proven to protect clinical staff and patients from the proven risks of chemotherapy production and waste by automatically securing waste, hands-free and heat-sealed airtight for seven days even with the most toxic waste, thereby protecting everyone throughout all the stages of chemotherapy.

Both Pactosafe® and Longostand® options utilise strong trade-marked, never-ending bag technology, and so there is minimum touching and replacing of waste bags and due to heat sealing, no environmental or aerosolisation of hazardous substances.

The Paxxo product range is completely unique and has now been adopted by many UK NHS and private hospitals as a preferred and safer option for their staff, compared to standard waste disposal methods, and to sit alongside their current best safety practices.

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